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About Peter & Heidi


We met in high school and dated for 10 years before we got married. We have always loved adventure and change. We have lived in a number of States in the US and for 2 years in Switzerland for Peter’s work. Currently, we live in Bozeman, MT and we plan on making Bozeman our permanent home. On our many adventures, we raised 2 wonderful boys. Our oldest son is a software engineer and our youngest son is an entrepreneur in the IT field. Peter and I are now pursuing our own dreams by starting our own business together.  


Peter and I have always loved the outdoors, nature, and being physically active. For me, it started in my early childhood. My father was a professional freestyle skier and I learned to ski when I was 18 months old. My parents also had me swimming, ice skating, dancing, and horseback riding all before the age of 6 years old. Pete also loved being active at an early age. He was involved in a number of organized sports from elementary school all the way to high school; his real passion for exercises ripened during college. He is an avid hiker, skier, and cross fit fanatic. We enjoy camping, kayaking, ice skating, and traveling together; which is how this page came to life.


Since moving to Montana we have found many more opportunities to explore the outdoors and enjoy our favorite activities. We created this site, blog, and YouTube channel to share all our experiences and inspire others to get outside and unlock a passion of their own. Peter and I are both perfectionists so we never feel like we are good enough to consider ourselves experts or even intermediate level at any of our activities and even with that, we still get out there and try no matter how silly we feel. It is the simple act of trying that inspires us to experience new challenges and feel “Pretty Rugged” doing it! Join us on our adventures and find your Pretty Rugged experience. 


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